Pine-Richland Crew is the rowing club for Pine-Richland High School and Middle School Students.

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Join Us for Night At the Races!

 (POSTPONED) ... Working on a new DATE

Greystone Fields, 4085 Sandy Hill Rd, Gibsonia, PA  15044

The Spring Fundraiser is one of our largest and most important fundraisers of the year.

Join us for a fun night to kick off the Regatta Season and to raise funds for the PR Crew Team.  This is an adult-only event.

Buffet Dinner (provided by Texas Roadhouse in Butler), Dessert, sodas and water will be provided (BYOB).  Throughout the night, bet on horses and cheer on your favorite horse in each race with a chance to win cash!  Auction Baskets and 50/50 will also be available.


Tickets are just $20 each.  Each high school crew family will be provided with 6 tickets and middle school families will be provided with 4 tickets.  These tickets were already purchased at the time of registration.  Please ensure people attend the event to help raise funds for the team.  Invite friends and family it's a fun evening.

To purchase additional tickets, please contact Susan Vigna Tickets will not be released until payment is received.  Mail payment to PR Crew, NATR, P.O. Box 170, Gibsonia, PA 15044.  Space is limited!  

Horses - Purchase a horse!  First-come, first-serve - 90 horses for sale!

Purchase a horse or multiple horses. By purchasing a horse for $10, you will get to name your horse(s) and cheer your horse on to victory!  Others will bet on your horse - if your horse wins, you get $25!  You do not need to be present to purchase a horse.  You can sell horses to your neighbors, friends and family. 

Orders & payments are due by March 21, 2020.

Race Sponsors

Do you own a business and would like to advertise at this event?  Do you want to give a shout out to your family?  If so, sponsor a race!  For just $100, your company/name will be announced as the race sponsor and you will be listed on the event outline that will be on each table. You'll also get special recognition on our website. Contact Susan Vigna ( )

Raffle Baskets

We are soliciting local vendors to provide awesome raffle baskets. If you would like to solicit a business or own a business and would like to provide a raffle basket, contact Susan Vigna .  Click here to download a Donation Letter.


Crew families - your help will be needed to make this a successful night.  We will be asking for volunteers in the upcoming weeks.


Please RSVP so the fundraising committee can make sure there is enough food and drinks.  Please RSVP by March 26, 2020


Night at the Races Overview

Dinner, desserts, soda & water will be available throughout the evening. BYOB 

Bring cash!  Raffle Baskets and 50/50 tickets will be sold; Bets for the races are $3 per bet.

How the Race works

  • The event runs like any other horse race. However, rather than live horses, the races are taped and project on a screen for our viewing pleasure. 
  • There will be 9 races with 10 horses in each race. These horses are the ones that we are selling now.  
  • Before each race, participants will be able to bet on the horses in the race. We'll view the race, cheer on your horse (if in that particular race) and/or the horse(s) on which you placed bets.
  • Winning horse will be announced and that Horse Owner receives $25; those betting on the winning horse share 50% of the total bets for that race. 
  • There will be additional 10th race.
    • The 10 horses for this 10th race will be auctioned off at the end of the night.  
    • Individuals, groups of people, or  whole tables will be able to pool their resources and bid on the right to pick the number horse and name it for the final race.  
    • Once the auctioning is complete and all 10 horses are purchased/named.  The betting windows will open.  
    • The race will be shown, and the winning horse announced.  Horse owner (individual, group, table) will get 50% of auction amount.  Those betting on winning horse share 50% of total money bet.