Pine-Richland Crew is the rowing club for Pine-Richland High School and Middle School Students.

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Head of the Ohio – Regatta Details

  • The Head of the Cuyahoga is held on Sunday, October 8th. 
  • Regatta:  Click here for regatta details from Regatta Center and here for the Race Schedule. Click here for the Head of the Ohio website.
  • General Regatta Tips:  Click here for general tips for what to bring and what to expect for Regattas.
  • Food Assignments:  Families are assigned items to bring to the race.  Click here to download the list.  
  • Rower Uniform:  All rowers should bring their unisuit, PR Crew t-shirt and black compression shorts.  
  • Reusable Water Bottles:  Be sure to bring reusable water bottles to the Regatta.  

Saturday, Oct. 4, Agenda:

  • Rowers need to be at the trailer by 6 a.m. Saturday morning.  Coaches and coxswains meeting begins at 6:15 a.m.
  • Rowers should arrive at the course wearing their team polos and khakis.  
  • Parents will not be able to park on Washington's Landing.  They will be able to drop their rowers off on the island, but parking will only be available in the lot at 16th and Smallman St. in the Strip District.  There will be a shuttle taking people between the lot and the course all day.

Please be sure to arrive in time to drop off your rower, park, and be at the site by 6 a.m. so parents can begin to prepare breakfast.  We have an early first race, so it will be important that breakfast is ready in time for the rowers.  

We will spend our day cheering for the rowers, preparing and serving food, and socializing.  Once the races have ended, we tear down our tents, put away everything that belongs in the chuck wagon and clean up.  The rowers will de-rig the boats and load them onto the trailer. 

All rowers and their families are expected to stay at the race site until our coach has dismissed the team.  When we are away at regattas, any notifications, if necessary, will be handled via mass team texts.  Please keep your cell phones handy to be informed of any changes to the schedule.

A general reminder:  Families will receive a final bill at the end of the season for Regatta expenses for your family.