Pine-Richland Crew is the rowing club for Pine-Richland High School and Middle School Students.

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Pine-Richland Crew conducts online registration prior to the start of each season. Notification of open registration will be handled through various channels including on the home page of the PR Crew website (, through the Pine-Richland School District's e-news publications, and via email to prior participants.  

Registration Payments

Pine-Richland Crew member dues are assessed for each participant on a seasonal basis (Season I & Season II) to meet operating expenses, including memberships, insurance, bus transportation to practices, coaching fees and other costs.   

  • Families with more than one rower registered are eligible for a 50% sibling discount dues for second and subsequent rowers. Registration of the oldert child should be done first for accurate calculation of the sibling discount.

  • Payments can be made via check payable to Pine-Richland Crew. Fees can be paid in full prior to the start of the season or by following the payment plan found on HS & MS Season I Information or click here.

  • Additional fees will be assessed for meals and lodging for participants in out-of-town races (see below).

USRowing Membership

All rowers must have a USRowing Individual Basic membership in order to participate in any regattas or other competitions.  You can join or renew your membership HERE.  Pine-Richland's club code is YXP33.

Additional Fees for Out-of-Town Regattas and Sprints

When the team travels to compete in out-of-town events, there are a variety of additional costs, such as hotel rooms and meals, that are not included in team registration.  The Crew team will prepay some of these expenses and then collect the applicable share from each family at the end of the season, based on attendance.  An email will be sent toward the end of the season with a detailed list of each rower's hotel costs and each family's food costs.  Parents are responsible for their family's portion of any costs.

  • Hotel Rooms for Rowers:  The Crew Board will arrange, book and pre-pay for hotel rooms for participating rowers in out-of-town events.  Rowers will share rooms whenever possible, up to four per room. The hotel fees will be divided among the number of rowers and included a total season-end amount due.  Parents are responsible for their rower's portion of the cost.  

  • Hotel Rooms for Parents: The Crew Board will arrange for a block of rooms at the rower's hotel (at a discounted rate if possible) for parents to book their own rooms.  Parents or family members are responsible for booking and paying for their own rooms.

  • Meals: Generally, food will be provided at Regattas in the Crew tent and is available for rowers and attending family members.  An RSVP form is sent out prior to each event to capture headcount, ensure adequate food is available and to determine each family's share of the cost.  This is included in the end-of-season payment due.

Volunteering and Fundraising

Participation in Pine-Richland Crew includes an obligation to participate in fundraising events and program service activities. Pine-Richland Crew is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and must periodically raise funds to support the cost of purchasing and maintaining our rowing equipment. Each member family is expected to participate in fundraisers and volunteer to support program activities. At registration, members will receive information on fundraising events and will be given an opportunity to volunteer for program service activities. With the support of our rowing families for volunteer spots and fundraising activities, we will be able to avoid imposing a performance bond.