Pine-Richland Crew is the rowing club for Pine-Richland High School and Middle School Students.

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Adobe PDF file Dillon Sprints Food Assignments 2018 *- Food Assignments for Dillon Sprints -- April 21, 2018

Adobe PDF file Food Assignment - Montour Oct 28 *- Food Assignments for the Montour Scrimmage - Oct 28, 2017

Adobe PDF file Food Assignments - Groveton 2018 *- Food Assignments - Groveton 2018

Adobe PDF file Food Assignments - Midwest 2018 *- Food Assignments - Midwest 2018

Adobe PDF file Food Assignments - Pittsburgh Sprints 2018 *- Food Assignments for Pittsburgh Sprints, Sunday, 4/29

Adobe PDF file Head of Ohio Food Assignments - Oct 2018 *- Food assignment for the Head of the Ohio, Oct 2018

Adobe PDF file Head of the Cuyahoga 2016 *- Race and Hotel Information

Media file HOSR Course Map 2018- Head of Schuylkill Regatta Course map information

Adobe PDF file HOTO 2017 Food Assignments *

Adobe PDF file Montour Scrimmage Food Assignments *- Food Assignments for Montour Scrimmage on Oct 21, 2017

Adobe PDF file Race Day Supplies *

Adobe PDF file Regatta Guide *- Regatta Guide

Adobe PDF file Liability Release Only *

Adobe PDF file Registration Packet *- This packet must be read, signed, and given to the Student Director before a rower can participate.

Adobe PDF file Swim Test Certification *

Adobe PDF file Swim Test Waiver *

Adobe PDF file Buffalo Wild Wings Flyer *- Home Team Advantage Card

Adobe PDF file Chipotle Fundraiser December 2017 *

Adobe PDF file Corporate Sponsor Letter 2019 *

Microsoft Word file Corporate Sponsors Letter

Adobe PDF file Hoagie Fundraiser - 2018 *- Hoagie Fundraiser for Fall 2018

Microsoft Word file Name an Oar Word Doc

Adobe PDF file NATR Flyer 2017 *- Night at the Races Flyer 2017

Adobe PDF file NATR Fundraising Letter *- Night at the Races Fundraising Letter

Adobe PDF file Panera 2019 Dine-Out *

Adobe PDF file Sponsor Letter Bingo Fall 2018 *- Sponsor Letter Bingo Fall 2018

Adobe PDF file Stack'd Dine Out *- Stack'd Dine Out Night Fundraiser

Adobe PDF file Yankee Candle App Information *- Information of the Yankee Candle App & Website

Adobe PDF file Yankee Candle Fundraiser Letter *- Letter to Crew Team Members

Media file Stack'd Dine Out Nov 14

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